FDA Approves MICRALOX® for Use in the Food Industry

Posted June 20, 2018
By Mike Sung

This Hard Coat Anodizing Finish Is Perfect for Repeat-Use Food Processing Equipment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition recently approved the use of MICRALOX®, a patented hard coat anodize technology product created by Sanford Process and supplied by sister company, Precision Coating, as suitable for food contact. The hard anodic coating can serve as the food contact surface for parts requiring repeat-use and cleaning for food processing equipment. MICRALOX is a durable, corrosion resistant, and abrasion-resistant coating. This equipment anodized with MICRALOX will be in contact with large amounts of food over its lifetime; the anodic coating will resist chemical attack up to 50X longer than conventional anodic coatings.

FDA Food Use Approval MICRALOXMICRALOX is already used extensively in the medical device industry, where—similar to the rigorous cleanliness routines of the food industry—anodized materials and devices require stringent cleaning protocols. MICRALOX is a revolutionary product that Sanford Process invented and patented to solve chemical attack issues that were facing the industry due to repeated cleanings and sterilizations. Conventional anodic coatings cannot withstand extensive cleaning and suffer poor life-cycles as a result. MICRALOX is the only anodic coating that will not be stripped from these repeated cleanings and sterilizations. 

This patented microcrystalline aluminum oxide coating is designed specifically for applications where conventional anodizing and hard coat anodizing fail to protect the finish from corrosion, chemical attack, and steam discoloration. While it retains typical anodic coating properties such as abrasion resistance, hardness/chip resistance and dielectric properties, it is extremely stable in the presence of corrosive saltwater conditions, strong acid and alkaline chemicals, and superheated steam. It is an ideal finishing solution for challenging applications that require repeated cleaning, sterilization, harsh chemicals, detergents, and exposure to corrosive galvanic environments. 

MICRALOX has been proven in independent laboratory testing to extend the life of aluminum devices, instruments, and equipment. It also passes cytotoxicity tests and is RoHS and REACH compliant. MICRALOX protects the aluminum and eliminates the need for chromium seals, plastic coatings, or the use of more expensive metals. MICRALOX can also be dyed in a range of bright and vibrant colors. 

Click here to read the approval letter from the FDA. 

Microcrystalline anodizing is the new standard for aluminum anodizing where there are requirements for exceptional resistance to strong chemistries and corrosive environments, such as with medical tools and instruments, and repeat-use food processing equipment requiring regular cleaning. Contact us to explore how anodizing your food equipment with MICRALOX will improve your food processing operation. 

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