How to Speed Up the Ordering Process for Aluminum Anodizing Projects

Jul 15, 2016 3:27:55 PM
By Jack Tetrault

Keep Your P.O. in the Passing Lane to Keep the Order Moving

Have you ever been at a red light waiting for the light to change … and when it finally does … you can’t move because the car in front does not move fast enough—holding up the entire line? We face a similar predicament in our own way when your purchase order arrives … we’re ready to go … and the P.O. does not have all the information on it we need to begin the project. 

Expediting_PO_for_Aluminum_Anodizing_Order.jpgWe are primed and ready to start working on that next aluminum anodizing, hard coat, or other metal finishing project, but if you do not supply all of the information we need to run the work properly, we are stuck at the green light. The consequences of us trying to move forward on any ill-informed aluminum anodizing project come with risks. We could:

  • Potentially damage your parts
  • Get stuck in a rework cycle
  • Deliver late

Stay in the Fast Lane!

To ensure your project stays in the fast lane. Here are the P.O. details we need for each aluminum anodizing project:

  1. Your company name
  2. Part number and/or description
  3. Exact finish required
  4. Exact quantity (#of parts, weight, etc.)
  5. Aluminum alloy
  6. P.O. number
  7. If masking, a blueprint or complete instructions
  8. Racking instructions, if any
  9. Identify parts (no tape or marker on pieces)

Pretty basic, and very necessary to help us all keep moving—because, our light is always green and we’re ready to produce. Help us accelerate. Ready to place an order? We’d love to move forward with you on your next aluminum anodizing, hard coat, or other metal finishing project. Contact us now to keep going.

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