Medical Device PTFE Coating Facility in Costa Rica—Strategic and Beneficial

Posted Jul 29, 2016 12:00:00 AM
By Bob DeAngelis

Precision Coating Establishes a PTFE/Teflon® Coating Application Facility in Costa Rica
With an increasing amount of medical device products being produced in Costa Rica, it has become a regional hub for medical device, biotech, and health-care companies, and Costa Rica presents the best combination of operating cost, workforce talent, and logistical advantages in establishing a low-cost PTFE-coating facility. 

PTFE_medical_device_coating_facility_costa-rica-1-web.jpgPrecision Coating (PCCI) selected Costa Rica due to its solid experience and worldwide recognition as one of the most competitive locations for the installation of investment projects related to the life sciences sector.

We made a strategic move to be closer to our customers and will help in reducing the costs of a complex supply chain for all involved. Having a PTFE/Teflon®-coating application facility in Costa Rica brings us even closer to our customers—shortening the supply chain from weeks to days—and represents a key element of an optimized supply chain for the medical device market in Costa Rica.

The Facility

This PTFE/Teflon®-coating application facility is in one of the premier free-trade zone industrial parks in Costa Rica. 

The new 1,300 m²/14,000 ft² state-of-the-art coating facility is located at Coyol Free Zone & Business Park, in Alajuela. The new plant will allow PCCI to run highly automated processes with cutting-edge technology.

A Word from PCCI’s VP and General Manager

Ray Parvin, VP and General Manager of PCCI, says of the initiative, “With the support of CINDE, the Investment Promotion Agency of Costa Rica, and other strategic partners, we are able to expand our manufacturing operations for the first time outside the U.S. The new facility establishes a pathway to greater expansion as we scale our automated coating lines delivering world-class coating deposition tolerances of +/- 0.00002” (+/- 0.50 micron) and Six Sigma quality.” 

Careers in Costa RicaPTFE_medical_device_coating_facility_costa-rica-2.png

Along with the obvious business investments, PCCI is also investing in people. We have already begun the hiring process for the plant, which includes positions for engineers and technicians specialized in chemistry and basic manufacturing assembly. Early estimates indicate that in the medium term, PCCI expects to hire 30 people.


Based in Hudson, MA, PCCI offers fluoropolymer coating solutions for a wide range of medical applications and processes. We serve global health care and medical device companies, coating medical devices such as guide wires, core wires, hypotubes, and forming mandrels. PCCI works with customers from concept to commercialization, providing flexible prototype work as well as high-volume coating application services. PCCI’s acquisition of Boyd Coatings Research in December 2015 adds a wider array of high-performance specialty coatings along with expanded engineering and quality capabilities, solidifying its position as a leader in fluoropolymer coatings to the global medical device market. 

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