Rough Estimates on Fluoropolymer Coating Services

Posted Feb 15, 2016 12:00:00 AM
By Jim Kaemmerlen

Why Can’t I Get a Ballpark Price?

Many times our customers request a rough estimate on fluoropolymer coating services, and we at Precision Coating hesitate to do that, without a full specification. Following are some of the reasons for that, and also some guidelines to streamline the process of getting a quote.

ballpark_pricing_on_fluoropolymer_coating_services.jpgWe understand that there will be cases where there is no drawing, the design is in flux, the coating needs are not fully defined, or leadtime is most critical. For any of those situations, we are happy to advise you, but customers must understand that a realistic price depends on some key factors that must be communicated and understood. When a full specification is provided, quote turn-around is usually the same or next day. Listed here, in order of greatest to least, are the major factors driving our prices.

Part size, geometry, and coating requirements. This is the main reason we need a print. Examples: Long wires need special racks on which to hold them. Thin wires are difficult to grasp and de-mask. Heavy castings may require special fixtures. Big parts need more coating material, and big ovens.

Masking and handling variables that affect labor, and inspection. Examples: Masking to a curved edge is done manually, and tolerance must be allowed. Coating thickness requirements must be assessed before, during, and after processing. Fragile, heavy, large parts can take more time, and require planning for limited workspace.

Coating formulas have a wide range of material costs and process requirements. Examples: Some coatings like Silverstone have different layers, sprayed on, in order, and then cured together. Some coatings require higher temperatures and longer cures than others.

Part mass affects the cure times in ovens, and if unusual, can hold up other production, while one oven is curing a single job and consuming energy.

Streamlining the Quote Process

Here are some things to keep in mind, when seeking the fastest response for a quote:

When sending a print: Send a print with multiple part views, dimensions with tolerances, coated and masked areas indicated, part material, part number, revision level, and name.

Unique part numbers: Note that a unique part number is key to accurate documentation and ordering records, and if you don’t assign one, we just use the overall dimensions, which is far less desirable. “Wire” or “Prototype” or today’s date, do not work as part numbers.

Photographs: If photographs must be submitted instead of a print, please lay an easily readable scale right next to one or two edges of the part, and verify that the picture is in focus. Actual measurements of the part are also a great help.

Unknown formula: If the required coating formula is not known, we can probably figure it out for you. Please describe the desired function (non-stick, lubricity, anti-wear, anti-corrosion) the highest service temperature, and exposure to fluids, resins, food, etc.

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