Selecting a Medical Device Fluoropolymer Applicator

Posted Apr 26, 2016 12:00:00 AM
By Bob DeAngelis

The Top 6 Criteria You Should Require

Attaining exceptional product design and performance is necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. There are many variables to consider regarding application requirements and selecting the appropriate solutions for medical device design and coating. 

There are capabilities medical device fluoropolymer coating applicators must have to ensure they can deliver a quality experience and product. World-class quality, quick turnaround time, and seamless integration with a proven and reliable medical device supply chain is essential, and is the price of admission to participate in the medical device industry. However, not all fluoropolymer applicators are the same. 

Keeping Pace with Product Design and Performance

_Medical_Device_Fluoropolymer_Coating_Applicator-web.jpgThere are six items, ranging from medical device expertise and surface preparation methods to having the proper certifications, which are critical for a fluoropolymer coating applicator to keep pace with the increasing demands of the medical device industry—allowing customers to do so, as well. Technical demands keep intensifying, and to survive in the industry requires having a medical device mindset. In the final analysis, the fluoropolymer applicator’s culture is probably the most important of all the criteria. Values and culture drive behaviors, and behaviors deliver results.

Top 6 Criteria Checklist

We’ve created a checklist of the top 6 criteria that should drive your selection process when choosing a fluoropolymer applicator. Download this checklist to ensure you find the fluoropolymer applicator that will deliver the results you need. 

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