Leader in High-Performance Medical Coatings, Precision Coating Launches a New Website

Posted Mar 8, 2017 12:00:00 AM
By Bob DeAngelis

Precision Coating Merges the Boyd Coatings Research website into a Single Responsive Site

, www.precisioncoating.com

Precision-Coating-Medical-Devices-Website-Homepage.pngPrecision Coating Company (PCCI), a subsidiary of Katahdin Industries Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Following a year-long rebranding initiative, PCCI integrated the current logo, color palette, and messaging, so it maintains a familiar look to its current customers and subscribers, and further bolsters its web presence as a global leader in fluoropolymer (PTFE/Teflon®) coatings and applications. In 2016, PCCI purchased Boyd Coatings Research and the new website incorporates brand assets from both businesses. The website redesign is built on a responsive framework, designed by Boston-based industrial marketing agency, Grant Marketing.

The website redesign features enhanced navigability and robust imagery, with streamlined access to PCCI's wide array of coatings and application services. The new site includes an interactive coatings material comparison tool, coating reference guides for medical and highly-engineered applications, and a resource library containing data sheets, frequently-asked-questions (FAQs), and a glossary of coating terms and phrases. There is a dedicated page for PCCI's new state-of-the-art, semi-automated coating facility in Costa Rica—a regional hub for medical device, biotech, and health-care companies—providing quick-turn options for medical device manufacturers located in Costa Rica. Through the blog and newsfeed, website visitors will remain updated on the latest innovations in medical device coating technology.

Robert DeAngelis, President of PCCI, said, "The redesign allows us to more accurately inform and educate our customers about our automated coating process. As a global supplier to leading medical device companies, we are constantly building on our customer experience to pursue new solutions and possibilities for them—expanding on our internally-developed coating formulation technology. Our six-sigma deposition control automated process delivering reliable diagnostics and successful clinical procedures, and improved patient outcomes."

For more information on Precision Coating Company and its capabilities, visit www.precisioncoating.com.

About Precision Coating
Precision Coating Co., Inc., a Katahdin company serves global health care and medical device companies coating medical devices such as guide wires, core wires, hypotubes, and forming mandrels. PCCI works with customers from concept to commercialization, providing flexible prototype work as well as high-volume coating application services.