Precision Coating to Attend MD&M West 2015 in Anaheim, California

Posted Feb 4, 2016 12:00:00 AM
By Precision Coating

Precision Coating Company, Inc. Introduces InterLock Technology™, an enhanced pre-treatment process to ensure adhesion of zero-PFOA PTFE coatings

Boston, MA -- 02/04/2015 -- Precision Coating Company, Inc (PCCI), a subsidiary of Katahdin Industries Inc. will be exhibiting at the upcoming Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West show— America's largest MedTech event — in Anaheim, California from February 10 – 12, 2015. Precision Coating will showcase its medical wire coating technology in the Anaheim Convention Center at Booth# 2196. PCCI will also introduce Interlock Technology™, a solution addressing adhesion issues associated with industry-wide use of zero-PFOA aqueous-based PTFE coatings.

Located in Boston, the company is fully qualified to serve the demands of medical device manufacturers with complete process capability documentation and required controls. Precision Coating specializes in PTFE coatings for medical devices including, guide wires, core wires, orthopedic wires, hypotubes, and forming mandrels. Precision Coating offers low-friction PTFE coatings in multiple colors including black, blue, gray, or green, with selective masking capabilities. Precision Coating turned 60 in 2014 and has been serving the is a global company serving the medical device market for over 30 years. I, and it continues to stay ahead and find new ways of improving the coating process used in medical device manufacturing.

According to Robert DeAngelis, President of PCCI, "We are excited to present our new pre-treatment process that ensures adhesion of reformulated zero-PFOA PTFE coatings at the MD&M West show. Our team has developed a novel approach to solve the adhesion issues surrounding the PFOA reformulation. This pre-treatment process has the ability to restore the wire surface to a pristine state, imparting optimum surface conditions for the coating to wet-out, adhere, and form a stable, cohesive coating layer. InterLock Technology™ does not introduce any new chemistry to the process, does not change the current chemical structure of the applied coating, leaves no residual chemicals behind, and does not affect the properties of the wire or the frictional properties of the coating."

InterLock Technology™ provides consistent high bonding strength for PTFE coatings on medical devices. From suppliers to CMOs to OEMs, Precision Coating's InterLock Technology™ is the medical device industry's solution to achieve the desired adhesion on the products coated with aqueous-based PTFE coating.

About Precision Coating, Co., Inc.
Precision Coating Co., Inc., a Katahdin Company, serves global health care and medical device companies around the world, coating medical devices such as guide wires, core wires, hypotubes, and forming mandrels. PCCI has the ability to work with customers from concept to commercialization and has two dedicated medical wire production lines — one dedicated to flexible prototype work and one dedicated to high-volume commercialized products.

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