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Medical Anodizing Applications at the World Congress on Aluminum DCHN Presented the MICRALOX Solution

Posted by Jack Tetrault on Jun 30, 2015 9:41:05 AM

In 2011, with the patent pending technology MICRALOX®, just newly announced and as of yet unknown, I was asked to speak at the World Congress on Aluminum in Bologna, Italy. That conference so peaked my interest in this world-wide attended event that I jumped at the chance to discuss this technology when invited to speak in 2015 at the 9th World Congress on Aluminum, “Aluminum Two Thousand,” in Florence, Italy, as it relates to medical anodizing applications. I presented a technical paper, “Anodizing for Medical Applications,” covering the present state of anodizing performance on reusable medical devices and instruments, problems relevant to anodized aluminum parts, key challenges driving the medical device industry to search for other alternatives to aluminum, general considerations on the unique properties of aluminum, and introduced DCNH’s micro-crystalline anodic coating solution, MICRALOX.


The congress was held in Florence Italy from May 12 thruogh14. The three-day meeting was full of both new technology papers and information on improvements to established methodologies, as well as presenting multiple commercial opportunities. Joining the congress was the International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB), which helped elevate this conference to a more well-rounded and aluminum-focused audience.

The opening speakers at the conference caused immediately reaction from the attendees, who described the first morning as a boost for aluminum suppliers and aluminum finishers alike. The tone of the opening speakers was a positive and forward-looking perspective of the potential opportunities which lie ahead for those in this industry. Since the congress then split into several “focus sections,” my observations of the content became more difficult to judge. However, based on the technical papers I observed, the congress was well represented by subject-matter experts who lent their knowledge to the audience.

Italy_attendees_4_FullSizeRender (2)Aluminum continues to be one of the most utilized and sought-after materials for products being developed due to the many positive properties it possesses. The information shared at the conference gave those of us professionally connected to this material a sense of pride and a positive outlook on the future of the use of this versatile metal.

Aluminum 2000 was attended by representatives from 46 countries, which showed the importance of this type of event to the world community.

The importance of new technology, such as MICRALOX, is promoted and heralded by the congress which promotes itself as the leading proponent of aluminum and aluminum finishing technology. It appears to be an accurate assessment based on this man’s observations.

New technology aside, the conference afforded a great opportunity to connect with peers and meet the up-and-coming leaders of the industry. Given the growth of aluminum usage in the world community, the chance to be on the ground floor of developments is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Sanford Process Corporation and DCHN were honored to be part of this event and more honored to be considered a world-leader in medical anodizing technology. If asked again, we will be there to advance the aluminum anodizing industry and speak for the support of new technology and advancement of the industry at large.

As the largest aluminum anodizing and hard-coater on the East Coast of the United States, DCHN has a broad range of production capabilities, starting at lab testing, to pilot and development, through production. Each production line has a wide variety of capabilities to produce anodic coatings exactly to our customers’ diverse and challenging specifications. DCHN operates one of the newest and most complete production line capabilities in the country.

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