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Resource Considerations when Anodizing Aluminum

Posted by Jack Tetrault on Feb 1, 2016 9:17:21 AM

Aluminum Anodizing and Water Conservation Do Not Have to Be Incompatible

In my day, in metal finishing class 101, the first thing you were taught about aluminum anodizing was this: when you think you have rinsed enough, rinse again. Clean water is your friend; use it. That was great advice when water was free, or nearly free—and it still holds true in aluminum anodizing—but increasingly difficult and expensive, not to mention environmentally inconsiderate.

Today, water is no longer inexpensive. In fact, at DCHN, water is our second most expensive utility. And this from an aluminum anodizing company that heats 2,000 gallon tanks with natural gas and powers all our rectifiers, (big electricity users) pumps, chillers, compressors etc. with electricity. Water not only has to be paid for on incoming, but it also has to be treated at our cost to clean it and then paid for again to go to sewer— and that rate is nearly equal to incoming.

The easy thing to do would be to pass these expenses on to our customers—but what does that solve?

Conserving Resources Resourcefully

How, then, does a metal finisher conserve water and still provide the high-quality finish expected by customers? The answers are simple, but not easy or cheap. There are many water recycling units available and many methods of counter flow rinsing that will help reduce water usage. Training of operators and filtering also help keep water clean. These details are not as important as the idea that using less water is good for everyone. Expense aside, the conservation of water is an environmentally sound thing to do and is requisite to becoming a green-minded company.

DCHN has begun an aggressive campaign to reduce water usage and create alternative methods of conservation. Responsible stewardship and helping future generations enjoy a clean world with plenty of resources is one more benefit we proudly offer our customers and the greater community.

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