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Posted by Mike Sung on Jun 2, 2016 6:27:57 PM

The Validated Capabilities of MICRALOX™ Anodic Coating

Third-party test results have validated multiple sterilization capabilities of the revolutionary anodic coating, MICRALOX™. High-performance MICRALOX™ has been tested for use with the STERRAD® 100NX low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization. The data revealed that MICRALOX™ has significant performance and aesthetic advantages.STERRAD_testing_on_MICRALOX.jpgAnodized aluminum is specially treated, creating billions of microscopic pores that imbed coloring agents within the aluminum itself, which result in incredibly rich and vibrant colors. Coloring an anodized article can be divided into two classes: organic and inorganic. Recent studies of the organic dying of anodic films, conducted by Mark Jozefowicz of Reliant Aluminum Products (PF Product Finishing, 12/1/2013), showed that any organic colors were significantly affected by STERRAD® sterilization. He suggested that most of the organic dyes should not be used—regardless of the sealing system (see figure below). 

Sanford Process Corporation reports that when parts are finished using the MICRALOX™ finishing method—even when organic dyes are used—the coating meets critical industry sterilization demands, including higher-temperature autoclaving, high-alkaline and low-acidic detergent washing, as well as various STERIS medical device sterilization techniques and chemistries for enhanced safety. It can also be used for low-temperature sterilization processes to protect delicate electronic devices. MICRALOX™ has been used in applications such as surgical devices (endoscopic and laparoscopic device handles) and in medical equipment such as anesthesia machines and orthopedic devices.

Sanford commissioned ASP (Advanced Sterilization Products, Division of Ethicon, Inc. a Johnson & Johnson company), located in Irvine, CA, to validate the mechanical properties and degree of color shift for MICRALOX™ after exposure to the 300 cycles of STERRAD® 10NX. The findings demonstrate that MICRALOX™ provides superior color stability compared with conventional anodized type II colored articles.  


MICRALOX™ is compatible with the STERRAD® 100NX Sterilization System. The samples shown above retained the original quality condition and color after 300 cycles, which can be compared with greater than three years of hospital sterilization use. In addition, MICRALOX™ is also effectively working with CIDEX® OPA high-level disinfectant at the hospitals.


About Micro-Crystalline

MICRALOX® is a patented aluminum oxide coating with a micro-crystalline barrier that revolutionizes aluminum anodizing. MICRALOX® produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface that delivers dramatically superior chemical corrosion resistance and eliminates color fading due to super-heated steam, and is an excellent alternative to stainless steel, plastic, and other materials.

To find out how MICRALOX® will help you transform your aluminum anodizing needs, download this white paper that discusses this revolutionary corrosion protection technology.  

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